Swirls: South Africa’s first black female winemaker

I received an email this morning from Britt Karlsson of BKWine, a Paris-based, multi-media wine enterprise that I’d heard of before but hadn’t looked into until now. The Swedish-born Britt and her husband Per organize wine tours, their main business, but also blog about wine, take wine-related photographs and shoot wine videos, among other things. In fact, it was the release of their 100th video that ntsiki2_sprompted them to get out the word about it, and the subject is quite fascinating: an interview with Ntsiki Biyela of the Stellekaya winery in Stellenbosch, the first black female winemaker in South Africa. Stellekaya only makes red wines, and Biyela describes her style as fresh, fruit-driven and easy on the oak, which is music to my ears and may make her something of an anomaly in South Africa. I’m eager to taste them. In any event, have a look at the video as well the Karlssons’ blog for a refreshingly European point of view.

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