Sips: More bubbly notes

A quick addendum to my last post on Limoux, the sparkling wine from France’s Languedoc, with some other sparklers in the news.

Some of the best examples of Cava, the Spanish sparkling wine, are considered by Eric Asimov in the NYT’s Wines of The Times; two  ubiquitous and inexpensive cavas, FreixenChampagne_corket Cordon Negro and Cristalino, didn’t make the cut.

And something you might not have known: they make sparkling wine – very good sparkling line – in England. And the industry, it appears, is being helped by the unanticipated effects of climate change, according to an interesting piece in today’s Wall Street Journal. Who knew there were 416 vineyards in the U.K.? Or that one  of the best bubbly makers, in southern England, has chalky soils like Champagne’s and is less than a hundred miles to the north?

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