Sips: Francis Coppola’s lovely ‘Sofia’ rosé

The shape of a wine bottle is not something I usually care about, and a friend echoed the feeling the other day as we opened a bottle of rosé before dinner. She said of the wine, “You’d think with a pretty bottle like that it wouldn’t be good.” Unusual bottle ssofia 3hapes, cute labels, clever names – all can be indications that a winery is trying hard to overcome or mask a mediocre bottle of wine. Fortunately, this is not the case with  Francis  Coppola’s  2009  Sofia Rosé, a delightful summer wine that deserves a  place among the season’s standouts.

The grapes are grenache and syrah from Monterey County, and the wine shows pretty fruit notes of cherry, pomegranate and raspberry with an herbal touch on the finish. It’s also lightly tannic, which provides a nice structure for the fruit. The overall impression is fresh and bright. This is a lovely wine to enjoy on its own before dinner or with light appetizers and will also match well with grilled chicken and fish, even burgers and steak. Alcohol is 12.5 percent and a quick search of the Web reveals a price range of $16 to $19. As for the bottle, its elegant design will deservedly help “Sofia” stand out from the rest of the rosé pack.

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