Swirls: Jersey wine, Wine on tap, wine and beer “addiction” at Starbucks

SWIRL: The president of the New Jersey Farm Bureau, Richard Nieuwenhuis, makes the case for why his state should join 38  others in permitting viNJ wine 2neyards and wineries to ship directly to consumers. Among his arguments: New Jersey, with 39 vineyards (who knew?), including Bellview Winery, whose vineyards are in the photo, is also the country’s fifth largest wine producer, with the industry contributing $25-$30 million to the state’s economy. Read the full article at DailyRecord.com

SWIRL: Fascinating story about the increasing popularity of wine on tap, mainly in the San Francisco Area. The owner of one small restaurant chain says recycling has been cut in half and the wine is a good deal cheaper than typical wholesale bottle costs.   The supplier is a winery that sells chardonnay and pinot noir only in kegs and small steel canteens. Read (or listen) to the full NPR story here.

SWIRL: Just about everyone has noted Starbucks’ turn to beeStarbucks-logo1-295x300r and wine, starting with one Seattle store that began the sales yesterday, a  development first reported to be in the works some months ago. I was struck by Time.com’s characterization of the development: “From One Addiction to the Next: Starbucks To Offer Beer and Wine.” Hmm.

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