Swirls: Dangerous corkscrews, wine temperatures, preserving wine once opened

SWIRL: For every newfangled wine opening gadget I’ve tried over the years, I’ve always gone back to any number of basic corkscrews.   They’re reliacorkscrewble and safe. I was reminded of this as I read about the recall of a Sunbeam product, the Air Pump Wine Opener (Model NBSKWA2600), sold this past November and December by QVC.  The problem? Some wine bottles have been breaking while people have been using the product. Sunbeam said it had received 52 such complaints, including 22 reports of  injuries. About 159,000 of the openers are being recalled. Read the press release from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

SWIRL: Wine temperature is everything. Okay, not everything, but a very important factor in the enjoyment of wine. Most red wines are served too warm, making them taste clumsy; most whites are poured too cold, which obscures their tastes. With that in mind, how about a thermometer that tells you when your wine has reached the temperature you desire – a wireless thermometer to boot? Read about it in the LA Times.

SWIRL: Once opened, many wines actually get better witwine bagh exposure to air, whether its for an hour or two or even two or three days. Beyond that, air becomes the enemy and things start  to go downhill.  A new product may help. It’s called the Platypus Platypreserve Wine Preservation System. As far as I can tell, it’s a variation of the system used in boxed wines that expels the air above the surface of the wine. It is, of course, reusable.  The Globe and Mail has more.

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