Editor’s note: where in the wine world am I and why?

I’ve been writing recently about the need for transparency in new media, whether on a blog like this one or on social media outlets like Twitter. So, a quick word is called for on the fact that I am in France’s Languedoc region this week, on a visit sponsored  -- that means expenses paid for -- by the CIVL, the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc, the region’s trade arm, and organized by its public-relations firm. I, like many wine writers, occasionally accept such trips from wine regions as a way of expanding my knowledge, although I never accept invitations from individual wineries. My aim this week is to learn more about the Languedoc, a region in transition, and to find some of its best wines. Clearly, the CIVL believes that I can help promote the wines, and I undoubtedly will as I write about my travels and tastings. There is, however, no agreement about or conditions on my coverage, and I am free to say what I like – and will. For starters, take a look at the item just below this one on an unusual tasting event I took part in on Sunday.

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