Latest top wine Tweets, from the serious to the hilarious

I feel just a tad like that New York TV sportscaster whose “Spanning the World” segments used to show the highlights (and low lights) of the sports world. But as I devote more time and attention to Twitter, with its vibrant wine community, some Tweets clearly stand out, whether for their substance or refreshing lack of it. Herewith, offered raw and without comment in what I hope will become a regular feature in this space, a few that struck me as I scrolled back through today’s Tweets: 

 Ray Isle

@islewine Ray Isle

Congrats to @belinda_nyc & everyone at The Modern for winning James Beard Award for best wine service!! #jbfa


Doug Cook

@ablegrape Doug Cook

Interesting. Twitter suggested I follow Pampers. Do they know something I don't?



@SlateWine SlateWine

Bernard Madoff’s wine collection to be auctioned. Wonder if he had anything from Ponzi Vineyards. http://bit.ly/izWxKE


Wink Lorch

@WineTravel Wink Lorch

The nonsense Grand Cru Languedoc proposal as elucidated by @JancisRobinson http://t.co/Adf4mcn - great estates matter so much more than GCs.


James Suckling

@JamesSuckling James Suckling

Mouth is still raw from a number of overextracted, overalcoholic 2008 CA Cabs...ouch.


Debra Meiburg MW

@DebraMeiburgMW Debra Meiburg MW

Judging in So. Africa: Spider in glass #12; Snake in tasting rm #A; fab silver & gold medals in SB flight #1 #omtws

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