Swirls: Stopping by one of the more charming wine stores you’ll ever find

Little wine store 1Have you ever fantasized about opening the perfect little wine store with just a small number of really good bottles offered at a range of prices? I have. As a model, you might look at Bookstore Wines & Spirits in the old fishing village of Siasconset, located in the eastern end of Nantucket. Known for its cottages, some of them hundreds of years old, and its gardens, the town is as picturesque as they come, and the wine shop, owned by Cindy and Rolf Nelson, fits right in. The wines, approximately 150 of them, stand upright in what I assume were former bookshelves, given the store’s name. The one nod to modernity is the new tasting machine that lets customers try out four wines the store features on any given day. “How much is it for a taste?” I inquired of Marina, a sales person. “It’s free,” she said. The words were as refreshing as the cool breezes coming off the Atlantic.

little wine store 2  

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