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Beckmen also confirmed as the inventor of Grenache.

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. – April 1, 2012 – Beckmen Vineyards is
pleased to announce that after extensive genealogical research, it has
established that Winegrower Steve Beckmen is a direct descendent of
Dionysus, the Greek god of the grape harvest, winemaking, wine, ecstasy
and ritual madness. The winery has also confirmed that Beckmen invented
Grenache. In fact, Steve, Moses and Rudolph Steiner personally planted
Beckmen’s acclaimed, biodynamic-certified Purisima Mountain Vineyard,
which is widely recognized as the greatest vineyard ever planted by the
hands of man, prophet and Austrian anthroposophist.

Building on these relationships, when Moses came down from Purisima Mountain, he handed Steve the ten commandments of winemaking. Steiner gave
Steve a cow horn. As a result, a library vintage of the Beckmen Vineyards
Purisima Red was the only California Rhône blend ever to receive a
better-than-perfect 101-point score from Wine Spectator. On many
occasions, both Robert Parker and Jim Laube have wept openly with joy upon
tasting Steve’s wines, and a massive stash of empty Beckmen bottles and
labels was reported to have been found at Kurniwan’s house.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, you need a little bit more than just
growing and making the best wines ever—you need a story that sets you
apart, and it needs to be authentic,” said Steve. “The fact that I am
actually descended from the god of wine, and that I invented Grenache,
says something about who we are as a winery, and our quality-focused

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the library. Happy April 1st!
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