Swirls: Manchester United, Gordon Ramsay, China Rising

Some wine news from all over, starting with something I doubt you’ll see anytime soon in the United Stconchaates: an official “wine sponsor” of a major sports team. But in England, Manchester  United has just signed up Chile’s biggest wine producer, Concha y Toro, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Meanwhile, the scandal over nasty-mouth restaurateur Gordon Ramsay’s alleged unpaid bills to wine and food suppliers continues to grow. The Huffington Post touches all the bases in its latest roundup.

And … thank God for China, legions of winemakers are saying from Bordeaux to Napa and beyond as the country’s thirst for expensive wine continues to grow. Sealing a business deal? Break out the Petrus. The San Jose Mercury News quotes one private club owner as saying that opening a bottle of Bordeaux worth thousands “shows generosity and indicates you are cultured."

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