Some of today’s top Tweets about wine

Here’s something different I’m trying out – a short collection of some of the more interesting wine items I’ve come across today on Twitter, ranging from the clever to the informative to the entertaining (but not the blatantly commercial).

John Gillespie

@WineOpinions John Gillespie

Breaking - wine kills oral bacteria on contact: http://bit.ly/ii9ifQ - Which is why I gargle with Albarino in the morning


W. R. Tish

@TishWine W. R. Tish

Suckling Strikes Again! Or, How Not to Write a Wine Article: http://t.co/IBswBYR // Youch!


Louise Hurren

@LouiseHurren Louise Hurren

via @winecurmudgeon survey to find answers to Qs like how do #wine bloggers make money? http://bit.ly/l4Gmay #socialmedia


Fake Wine Reviews

@fakewinereviews Fake Wine Reviews

Notes of pencil lead, coffee, Tums®, restraining order, binder clips ... and I've run out of things on my desk. #lazy


Doug Cook

@ablegrape Doug Cook

Here's why you, a winery (or any website) owner, shouldn't let your domain name expire: This *was* Calon-Ségur: http://www.calon-segur.com/


Let’s leave it at that for now. Comments, suggestions welcome.


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